Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I can't squeeze a drop without say-so

Kara took this shot on a stroll we took in Kaikoura, New Zealand, on our honeymoon:

I originally posted something about how this picture reminds me of Waking Ned Devine and Shawshank Redemption, but I was tired and something weird came out about building boats and sewage. Not building sewage, but crawling through it.

Anyway, what I really meant to say is that Kara really needs to paint this scene, because she's a freakin' talented paintress who won't freakin' paint. And that has really not much to do with sewage at all. So paint, Woman!


  1. "Permission to use the toilet, boss?"

  2. I think this may well qualify as your most bizarre post ever! At least to date...

    Well done?

  3. Shakin' the tree, boss! Shakin' the tree!

    You always have a penchant for hooking some great things into your posts. Today you're referring to two grreat movies, even with the sewage.

  4. Dave Bizarr-ey? What was this post all about?

    Your ferret is nice. But since you sign the post Chopper Todd, one suspects you might have fertilised the carpet yourself.

    And "Poor Man's T.S. Eliot" is a HUGE compliment. Thanks. Though you've got it all mixed up.


  5. you know, if it were a puzzle................

  6. Haha -- I know exactly what you'd do.

    I shall do my dangdest to make sense in my next post, but if that doesn't work out, I'll just string a bunch of crap together again.

  7. I'll just pretend I'm not completely confused by the words in this post and simply say, "Cool frickin' picture, Mike!" Or should I call you chopper? *scratching head in confusion*

  8. Aha! I finally made my way through to the ferret post... Now, it's clear as mud who chopper is and why there's a ferret pic there... Sheesh! You'd think I was a little slow, wouldn't ya? Oh, nevermind!

  9. keep encouraging Kara to paint. And, then post some of her work for us.
    She is a great photographer... would love to see a painting.