Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hairy palms

This Wednesday's Good Frickin' Picture is from my buddy Josh Perlson, who just got back from his honeymoon in Somewhere Warm.

I know he told me where this picture was from, but I forgot. I'll listen to the recording and let you know later.

Also, being clueless can be beneficial. I just Googled "hairy palm" to make sure it means what I think it means (it does), and the first hit took me here. This guy takes some of the best frickin' pictures I've ever seen. I'd highly recommend a cruise around the rest of his site: www.alwayscurious.com. Okay, enough plugging some other dude's site. He totally doesn't have any good fart jokes.


  1. Wow, that's beautiful. I remember having that view from my granparents' farm in Puerto Rico. It was in the mountains where there was always a perfect breeze. I loved looking up at the palms. Just not exactly from under them. Falling coconuts are no joke, but the emergency rooms there are so I'd rather just avoid that whole situation.

  2. Chewbacca has hairy palms. He also has a name that was made by squashing the words "chewin' tabacca" together. I only just realized that now as I was typing it.

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  4. Perlson took that picture? Bullshit! He spent all his honeymoon time indoors and only Jaime would have been able to get a shot like that (if you get my drift). I found that photo by googling "sunny palms". It's a nice picture though.

  5. Chewbacca could handle a coconut to the head, I bet. But it might make him swallow his chaw.

    Jered, glad to see you've mastered the fine art of comment-leaving. Almost.

    Thanks, all.